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“Changing Lives through Technology”

Niritech Digital Services is a software development consultancy agency with a mission to change lives through technology. Over the years we have served many corporate clients, helping them to develop various commercial and impact projects. However, our mission goes beyond product and service offerings. 
As a software company have had the opportunity to impact many students through short-term internship experiences; and we have observed a gap in the theoretical knowledge presented at the tertiary level and its relevance to the practical world of work, resulting in high rates of unemployment and underemployment of university students as many are unable to attract work in their area of study. 
Acting on our mission to “Change Lives with technology”, we want to play our role in solving this problem by providing a career accelerator programme focused on IT skills training, Innovation skills development and mentorship and internship opportunities.
An Investment in a high-quality workforce will create a virtuous cycle, where relevant and quality skills can enable productivity growth and foreign direct investment, which in turn, increases the employability and productivity for both the current and future workforce.